What is Feather Touch Brows?

It is semi permanent makeup using the microblading technique. Each clients brows are matched to the perfect colour to keep them looking as natural as possible. We create lines in the brows using a hand tool to give the appearance of a fuller defined brow. Microblading/ feathering is not recommended for oily skin types - powder technique is recommended for an oilier skin.

What is Powder/Ombre Brows ?

It is a form of tattooing the eyebrows - they last 2-3years with touchups at 12-18months depending on the individual. This technique is great for someone that wants a more defined brow without the solid lines that you would get from the typical "block" brow.  There is downtime with this treatment as it does scab and also appear larger until the scabs fall off.

How long does it last ?

Up to 2years. Everyone's skin holds pigment differently and it is generally recommended to touch them up approximately 6-12months depending on the individual THIS IS JUST A GENERAL TIMEFRAME EVERYONES SKIN IS DIFFERENT. Not everyone is suited to the feather stroke technique therefore a few questions will be asked prior to your appointment. Please keep in mind cosmetic tattooing is an ongoing investment and touchups may be required sooner depending on the individual. There are no guarantees with this procedure so make sure you are 100% committed to the procedure.

Can it Be Done Whilst Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Unfortunately No. Breast feeding women are advised to wait until after breast feeding before having this procdure done. /however, if you still wish to do so, it is at your own risk. Please do your own research on the implications of cosmetic tattoo whilst breastfeeding. You will need a consult with your practitioner and obtain a doctors clearance.

How Do You Know What Shape to Do?

A consultation prior to treatment - We then draw on your brows and measure them to correct the symmetry of your brows, but remember "EYEBROWS ARE SISTERS NOT TWINS" no ones brows are symmetrical but with this technique we can correct your brows to the closest possible...

How Do I Know Which Technique Is Best For Me ?

It is personal preference on the technique you most like, however you will need to consider your lifestyle and skin condition. If you are oily, feathering may fade considerably therefore you may need more touchups at an additional cost or upgrade to to the powder brows. Athletes and women that excersize regularly may also fade quicker as sweat can cause pre mature fading. Consultation before your treatment can determine which is best for you and remember no two skins are the same!

What if i have old cosmetic tattooing done?

Please send all information regarding your previous work to discuss your options.

Where is your shop located?

1/475 Tapleys hill road Fulham Gardens at BEAUTIES & BEASTS. Our concept shop has been created by Pia & her fiance Sy who is a personal trainer bringing you health/gym supplements and beauty all in the one shop!