• $50 non refundable booking fee to be paid to secure your appointment

  • Due to new regulations - purchase your own numbing cream prior to treatment (ELMA, NUMBIT or LMX Cream 5g tube) from your local chemist. Apply 30 mins prior to your appointment

  • No spray tan on your face before treatment as this can affect the healed result

  • If you have previously had cosmetic tattooing done on your brows please let us know as you may not be suitable for the microblading technique

  • If you are on medication or supplements please notify us prior to treatment

  • FISH OIL, MULTIVITAMINS, BLOOD THINNERS must be stopped for at least a week prior to treatment

  • NO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION for at least 24hrs is recommended

  • Oily skin types are not All waxing/threading to be done at least 72hrs prior to treatment or we can tweeze them on the day

  • It is recommended not to exercise for the week after your brows as this may result in unnecessary fading

  • Aftercare cream available

  • Ideally baby shampoo is recommended for washing your brows after treatment

  • All anti wrinkle/fillers must be treated 2weeks prior/post  


  • Wash the treated area morning and night with cleanser for a week provided by Feather touch brows and beauty

  • Cream must be applied 3x per day for a week or until scabbing finishes

  • We would advise against any type of swimming within 14 days of your cosmetic tattoo procedure.

  • Excessive sweating can open the pores and cause fading - gym is not recommended for 7 days

  • Makeup can be applied around the brows but not directly on them for at least 14days

  • Do not pick any scabbing

  • Blood donations are not allowed until after 6 months from treatment



The colour of your new cosmetic tattooed brows will appear brighter and more precisely defined right after the procedure. The colour and definition will soften and lighten between 3-10 days after treatment. After approximately 4 weeks the colour will settle and come into its own. We recommend all clients to look closely at their colour after this 4 week mark as the colour will often fade but then re-strengthen (so to speak) within this time frame. Often clients think they have lost all colour but this is the normal process. Please be aware your tattoo can fade by up to 60% after your first session and  THIS IS NORMAL.. Depending on aftercare and how well your skin holds the ink. We cannot guarantee how your pigment will hold, some people may need more than one touch-up. Some swelling may occur after an eyebrow tattoo. There should not be any pain after this treatment, only tenderness. Applying a cold compress for 10 minutes can help alleviate swelling. We recommend that you continually and gently wipe over your new eyebrow tattoo during the 24 hours after the treatment (as per above instructions). It is normal for an eyebrow tattoo to weep a clear fluid – simply remove this by gently dabbing your brows with a clean cloth.